Current Staff

Working at Box Hill Institute

As a Box Hill Institute employee, you’ll be dedicated to enriching the lives of young people and adults through lifelong learning. 


Staff Email

Working externally or want to access your email away from your desk? Head to the link below and login to access your emails from anywhere.

Remote Desktop

If you're working from home or externally without access to a network computer, follow the instructions on the links below to remote into the Box Hill Institute network. Make sure to select the relevant instructions for your situation (i.e. MAC, Windows PC or Mobile), starting with the Microsoft Authenticator setup before moving to connecting to Remote Desktop.

Login to Remote Desktop here

View the instructions for connecting to Remote Desktop below:

Password Reset

Box Hill Institute staff can reset their password at any time via the Box Hill Institute password reset portal. All you need is a personal email address registered within the HR system.

Online Induction Program

When you start your new career with Box Hill Institute, there is an online induction program that you'll need to complete. Head to the link below and sign into StudentWeb with your normal password to start the process.

New to Box Hill Institute

If you're new to Box Hill Institute, find all the guides you need for connecting to the network below.

Note: all scenarios require the use of a smartphone.