Creative Industries

Sector Snapshot


$23 billion

Gross value added to the economy


$2.4 billion

in Art's Exports and Cultural Tourism each year



People employed in design roles



in the Asia-Pacific for international Arts destintions

The industry

Australia is home to a vibrant community of artists working in a wide variety of genres and styles.

Our creative industries include painting, photography, pottery, printmaking, glassblowing, sculpture, weaving, and digital and multimedia arts.

Among the states and territories, Victoria is a leader in performing and visual arts.

Victoria’s creative sectors and occupations account for almost $23 billion in gross value added, making up 8 per cent of the state’s economy.

The workers

In Victoria alone, the creative industries employ approximately 220,000 people.

A large number of these creative workers—more than 195,000—are employed in design roles.

This includes designers in graphics, branding, communications, architecture, industrial, interior, landscape, fashion, urban and more.

Victoria’s creative workforce also includes 78,562 “embedded” jobs which are creative occupations in non-creative industries.

The future of creative industries

The creative industries are shaped by our country’s love of enjoying and creating the arts.

Australia’s museums hold around 54.9 million artworks and objects created by local and international artists.

Closer to home, Victoria’s creative industries are an important source of state revenue.

Victoria generates $1.4 billion in arts’ exports and $1 billion in cultural tourism every year. $200 million of this is in design-related exports.

“So much of what we love about our state comes back to our creative identity – to our music, our galleries, our festivals, our comedy and so much more," Minister for Creative Industries Danny Pearson said.

The creative industries will endure in the short and long term thanks to Melbourne’s international reputation as a cultural destination.

Among other international arts destinations, Melbourne ranks 3rd in Asia Pacific and 12th worldwide.

Victoria’s cultural festivals are also an economic and jobs driver.

The state is home to over 430 creative festivals, employing 12,000 people, engaging 31,000 volunteers, and providing opportunities for 80,000 creative practitioners.


Thanks to the scale of the creative industries, creative jobs promise plenty of opportunity in the coming years.

The following creative jobs have strong future growth, according to national statistics on JobOutlook.

  • Beauty, Hairdressing and Barbering
  • Graphic and Web Designers, and Illustrator
  • Fashion, Industrial and Jewellery Designer
  • Visual Arts and Crafts Professional
  • Florist
  • Makeup Artist


Capture the attention of industry

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