Skills and Jobs Centres

Support from education to employment

Box Hill Institute offers three Skills & Jobs Centres across Melbourne to assist people looking to start training, employees wanting to re-skill and employers looking at meeting workforce needs.

Skills & Jobs Centres

Supporting you from education to employment

With the support of the Victorian Government, Box Hill Institute offers three Skills and Jobs Centres based around Melbourne for people looking to start training, employees wanting to re-skill or re-train, and for employers wanting to meet workforce needs.

The Skills & Jobs Centres can offer you free support prior to commencing study, whilst you are studying and post study to assist with the transition from education to employment.

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Our Staff

The staff at our Skills & Jobs Centres are there to help you with any questions, such as:

  • What career is right for me?
  • What training is right for me?
  • How do I get started?
  • What is the right job for me?
  • How do I get started if I want to enter a trade?
  • What other assistance is available to help me?
  • What workforce development opportunities are there for my business?
  • How can I find the right apprentice or trainee for my business?


What our Skills & Jobs Centres Offer You

Who do we assist?

We can assist you if you are or are likely to be:

  • Looking for a career change or careers advice
  • Seeking training advice or support 
  • Needing assistance with skills recognition
  • An out of trade apprentice or trainee
  • An employer looking to upskill your workforce, assistance with employment vacancies or need an apprentice/trainee

What do we offer?

The Skills and Jobs Centres offers free services such as:

  • Careers advice and information
  • Information on potential jobs and relevant training courses
  • Skills assessment
  • Industry skills, needs, areas of skills shortage or future growth
  • Workshops to improve your job search skills and learn about employment opportunities
  • Linking with local employers
  • Referrals to other services including welfare assistance, financial guidance and disability support


I am not sure what to study, is there someone I could speak to about what option is right for me?

Our experienced Employment & Careers Consultants at the Skills & Jobs Centres can provide you with career advice and guidance to help you make the most appropriate choice for you. They can also provide you with detailed course information and discuss employment pathways with you.

I want to study something that will help me to get a job, how will I know what the job outcomes for each course are?

Our Skills & Jobs Centres can provide you with information and advice on skills in demand, industry trends and localised employment information. Our Employment & Careers consultants can assist you to identify transferrable skills and any skills gaps that may need to be addressed.

If I choose to retrain, will there be support to help me secure employment?

Yes, our Skills & Jobs Centres team can provide you with support relating to job search skills including resume and cover letter development and interview techniques. Our team are also able to link you to available employment opportunities via the BHI Jobs Board

Am I able to access the support of the Skills & Jobs Centres online?

Absolutely! Our Skills & Jobs Centres team are available via phone, email and video conferencing Monday through to Friday from 9am-5pm