Academic Records

Student Information

As a Box Hill Institute student or alumni, learn how to access your results, past or lost certificates and general academic records.

Disclosure of Academic Records or Statement of Progress

A condition of your application or enrolment is that you consent to the release of your academic records or statement of progress to your employer, sponsoring organisations or government agencies where appropriate.

The information you provide will be used, where applicable, for the purposes of:

  • accepting your enrolment
  • assessing your welfare needs (if any)
  • processing and advising you of your assessment results and
  • other communications to you as required

If you are a minor, a person under 18 years of age, we may disclose your personal information to your parent or authorised representative.

We provide information to various government agencies and to Institute contractors to assist the Institute in performing its functions and meeting its government and other statutory obligations.

The Institute may take and publish photographs of Institute activities for promotion and publicity purposes. You can request access to your personal information by writing to:

The Registrar
Box Hill Institute
Private Bag 2014
Box Hill VIC 3128


If you do not wish to provide the requested information, this may restrict the range of services and educational programs that we can offer you.
If you would like further information in relation to the Box Hill Institute’s privacy handling practices, please write to:

The Privacy Officer
Box Hill Institute
Private Bag 2014
Box Hill VIC 3128

Or refer to our Privacy Statement.

Accessing Results

Results are posted to your registered correspondence address within six weeks of the end of each year. Current students can also view their results at any time on StudentWeb.

You can also obtain copies of past results from Box Hill Institute at a cost. 

TranscriptComplete printout of all results for one or more courses$15
Statement of Results (Pre 1985)Search and preparation fee for manual records. Fee still applies whether or not we are finally able to produce a statement.$50

If you have outstanding fees or fines at any point in the year, your academic results may be withheld until the outstanding amounts have been paid. You will also be unable to receive a certificate of completion or graduate until all outstanding fees and fines are settled. 

If you think there are errors in your results, speak to your course coordinator.

Past Results

Obtain a copy of your past results

To apply, complete the Request for Replacement Results form and forward it with the appropriate fee to Student Administration.

If you require your replacement copy to be sent to a person or company other than yourself, you must complete the following forms:

  • Request for Replacement Results/Completion Statement
  • Release of Student Information Authorisation

Please submit the forms and payment to:

Student Administration, Box Hill Institute
Private Bag 2014, Box Hill   VIC 3128, Australia

Download the Request for Replacement Results form Download Release of Student Information Authorisation form


Lost Certificate

A certificate is an official award that is issued when you have completed all the requirements for a particular qualification. A certificate does not list your results.

You may apply for a replacement award or certificate by completing a Replacement Award Certificate form or request a Statement of Completion, which is an official letter written on Box Hill Institute letterhead.

Certificate of Completion/Award

Apply for your Certificate of Completion/Award within three years of completing your course by downloading the Application for Award Externally Accredited Course form. Complete and sign the relevant section of the form, and submit the completed form to your course coordinator or the designated awards approval officer in your teaching centre for further processing.

Apprentices, trainees and eligible short course students should not use this form.

Download the Replacement Award Certificate form Download Application for Award Externally Accredited Course

Apprenticeship Qualification Replacement 

Completions from 1995

To apply for a trade paper or certificate that commemorates the completion of your apprenticeship, you’ll need to provide your qualification title and code. Register an account and submit an application in the trade paper portal, which is provided by VETASSESS. If your application is successful, you'll receive your trade paper in the mail.

Completions prior to 1995

If you started an apprenticeship before 1 January 1995, you can apply for a duplicate certificate of completion. If you would like a replacement trade paper, submit a new application using your existing trade paper portal account. A fee of $85.00 (including GST) applies. To request a duplicate certificate of completion or an extract from the register as evidence that you fully or partially completed an apprenticeship complete the Evidence of Historical Apprenticeship – Application for issue. A fee of $85.00 (including GST) will be applied. 

If you don't know when you started your apprenticeship, contact the Victorian Registrations and Qualifications Authority with your name, date of birth, and the title of your apprenticeship: