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What jobs can you get with a Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management?

After successful completion of the Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management course, you can apply for jobs including park ranger or bushcrew member.

How long does it take to study horticulture?

The Diploma of Horticulture is completed in 2 years full time or 4 years part time.

What is Landscape Construction?

Landscape construction involves working as a landscaping completing work such as paving, surveying, stonework, retaining wall construction and installing drainage and irrigation systems.

How long is a landscaping apprenticeship?

A landscaping apprenticeship is completed in 3 years part time.

What is a Certificate III in Parks & Gardens?

A Certificate III in Parks & Gardens is a course designed to teach you the skills required to work within the parks and garden industry as a municipal/city gardener or as a horticulturist. These skills include plant identification, turf care and controlling pests and diseases.

What is a Certificate II in Ecology?

A Certificate II in Ecology has 2 different streams, one specialising in aerial - elevating work platform and the other specialising in aerial tree climbing. These courses are designed for those working on pruning & removal of vegetation by elevated work platforms or by climbing. The course is designed to further your skills in recognising fauna, rescuing animals and recognising plants.  

What are the different types of Ecology courses?

The different types of Ecology courses include aerial - elevating work platform or aerial tree climbing.

What is a Certificate III in Production Nursery?

A Certificate III in Production Nursery is a course designed for those who work in a production nursery who are looking to further develop their knowledge in the areas of plant production, nursery biosecurity and plant health management.

What is a Diploma of Conservation & Land Management?

A Diploma of Conservation & Land Management is a course designed for those who are passionate about best-practice land management. You will develop skills in managing staff, managing fauna populations, monitoring biodiversity, collecting and classifying plants and developing workplace policy and procedures for sustainability.