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Ava Nunan VCE Student of the Year


Ava Nunan made the decision to drop out of high school in Year 11 to work full time and travel before enrolling in VCE with Box Hill Institute. Having had friends who had followed a similar path, the diversity of the other students, of various ages and backgrounds, was one of the things that appealed to her. 

“I had friends that finished VCE at Box Hill Institute and they all spoke wonders of the supportive environment and flexibility given to them,” Ava said. 

Ava did so well in her course that she was nominated for and received the VCE Student of the Year award. She said, “I was grateful that my hard work had been recognised, and grateful for my teachers for being so supportive and assisting me to reach my full potential.

 “It makes me feel accomplished. I worked hard to improve myself and that in itself is an accomplishment but I’m grateful that my hard work was recognised by the school as well,” she said.

Ava said VCE at Box Hill Institute is a great option for adults returning to school and teenagers who may not fit into the rigid Monday-Friday school structure. In particular, the course has a flexible timetable, which allows students to work and study.

VCE has given Ava a love of learning. She found the subjects engaging and the teachers incredibly skilled and supportive of the individual and diverse needs of each student. She was determined to get the most out of the course and focus on self-improvement. She said, “I learnt how to multitask and juggle multiple responsibilities at once, as well as how to stick to a timeframe. Very important skills for the workplace.”

Ava advises other students to work hard and enjoy the experience, and the good results will come.