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Chloe Crawford Pursues her Fashion Dream

27 August 2021

After attending the Box Hill Institute Open Day, Chloe Crawford was confident that the Bachelor of Fashion course was something she wanted to pursue. She had always wanted a career that combined her love of textiles, being creative, and getting ideas from other students in the course.

Chloe made an outfit and did folio work in Year 12 textiles. She said, "I really enjoyed textiles all through high school and wanted to continue and study it further at BHI. I have always been creative and love using my hands, so straight away, I was drawn to this course.

"I would often make simple outfits for events throughout the year as I was not studying and had time to do so, so it became a no-brainer for me to continue this passion and enrol in this course after my gap year," she said.

In her second year, Chloe did a work placement with ThreeByOne, an independent denim brand specialising in Neuw Denim, Rolla's Jeans and Abrand Jeans brands. She learned about tech packs, spec sheets, and measurements throughout her first and second year and was able to apply this knowledge when doing work experience for these three brands. She said, "I learned so much while doing this work experience, and it was amazing to see the things we learned so far at BHI were being used in the industry.

"The craziest thing for me was to see all the fashion trends that were going to be released the following year," she said.

As part of her course, Chloe had the opportunity to go to Melbourne Fashion Week to watch Box Hill Institute students compete against fashion students from other universities. She said, "It was so motivating and inspiring, especially being able to witness a BHI student win the Melbourne Fashion Week award. It helped motivate me to push my boundaries in the third year and try to achieve the same, so I was so excited when I heard the news that I too made it into Melbourne Fashion Week this year."

For Chloe, the Bachelor of Fashion at Box Hill Institute course has 100% equipped her for work in real work. When she did her work placement, she was surprised by how much she had learned about the industry in her classes. She said, "I think the business classes in years one and two especially helped give us an idea of what the industry is like and how things run behind the scenes in large/ successful clothing brand companies."

Chloe has made strong friendships and bonds with her teachers during her bachelor’s degree, which has made her experience so much easier. She said, "The teachers at BHI have been amazing. They are so approachable, encouraging, and constantly helping me perform my best and achieve my best work."

In particular, Chloe has enjoyed the facilities at Box Hill Institute has, including the design hub, which is dedicated to fashion students. The rooms are big and have lots of incredible industrial machinery, and past students' work is on display, which students find inspiring. Chloe said, "The pattern cutting room, dying room, and screen printing room allow you to be next-level creative with your designs and allow you to create one-off and original pieces all at the campus.

 “The best thing about this course is seeing your ideas designed in your head to paper become a reality,” she said.

Chloe's dream is to obtain a design position but unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, she is currently finding it difficult to secure an internship position. However, this hasn’t damped her enthusiasm. She said, "Even if I don't get a design spot first go, I will be willing to take anything, as anything is a stepping stone and an opportunity for me to get my foot in the door and slowly move forward and up."

We wish Chloe all the best in realising her dreams and have no doubt, that with her determination and drive, she will soon be successful.