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Circle of Life by Erina Domingo MFW 2020


Box Hill Institute’s third year Bachelor of Fashion student, Erina Domingo, and three of her fellow students recently showcased their fashion collections on the 2020 Melbourne Fashion Week Student Runway.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year the event was virtual and Erina said it's a very different vibe to attending a live show, particularly as it doesn’t allow for the networking that usually occurs at these events. On the positive side, everyone can attend the event including those who couldn't have made it otherwise.

Erina’s fashion collection is called Circle of Life and was inspired by the cultural dress of the Lamani women in India. The Lamani are a nomadic tribe in India and women dress in colourful dresses with little mirrors, coins, etc sewn onto them. Erina was born Goa, India, and during her childhood she watched the Lamani women go door to door collecting glass bottles and metal that they could sell for recycling. Their clothes were completely different from what others wore in Goa.

For Erina, the authenticity or non-conformity of the Lamani woman translates into her collection in many ways. She said, "Her attitude, the colours she wears, the texture on her clothing in the form of embroidery and metalwork, and the way she adorns herself with lots of metal jewellery inspire my collection."

In her collection, Erina used flat patternmaking and draping to create garments and used jeans samples, which she manipulated to create texture and add colour. Denim and jeans waste creates dumping problems so by repurposing this waste, it reduces the environmental impact and brings something that has died back to life: the Circle of Life.

Erina has always been passionate about clothes making and the Bachelor of Fashion course has helped refine her skills to be work-ready, fulfil her career goal of working for a fashion brand as a pattern maker, and perhaps one day starting her own label. She said the best part of studying at Box Hill Institute has been accessing all the equipment and learning from experienced teachers.

"The teachers are amazing and have a lot of knowledge in the subject they teach and a lot of industry experience that helped me understand and learn better. They are supportive too. Box Hill Institute provides all the necessary equipment and computer software required for the course," she said.

The most rewarding aspect of the course, said Erina, is seeing where you started and how much you have learned at the end of three years. She said, "If you’re passionate about fashion and want to have a career in it, Box Hill Institute is a place to study as you don't have overcrowded classes and can have more one-on-one time with teachers, and it's well-equipped."

Congratulations on your collection, Erina and best of luck and we look forward to checking out your label one day soon.