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Employee of the Year 2019 - Monica Lederman


Each year, Box Hill Institute holds an awards night to recognise outstanding staff and students for their hard work, professionalism, integrity, loyalty, innovation and courage, which represent Box Hill Institute’s leadership values and behaviours. This year, Student Life Senior Counsellor, Dr Monica Lederman won the Employee of the Year award for her great teamwork, professionalism and ethical approach. 

Monica said she felt humbled and honoured to be recognised for her dedication to going above and beyond for the students and staff. She said it was a surreal moment when she heard her name being announced at the awards evening.

Monica has been in her current role as senior counsellor at Box Hill Institute for over six years. She said one of the most challenging areas of her role is providing counselling support to students with complex mental health issues who often face multiple challenges in their wellbeing and educational goals. It’s Monica’s role to be empathic, encourage students when they are feeling helpless or hopeless and empower them to focus on what they can control and change. 

Monica said it is a privilege to share a student’s journey by supporting them when they’re struggling and championing their every success and step forward. She enjoys being part of the Student Life team who share a passion for supporting students and each other to build a positive learning community at Box Hill Institute. She said, “We’re here to help and I feel most satisfied when I’m being helpful and collaborating with others – whether it’s my colleagues or faculty staff – to make a positive difference.”

Monica’s tireless work doesn’t go unnoticed and she was previously awarded the STAR award. She said, “Going the extra mile in pursuit of excellence is part of my passion and commitment to providing an excellent student experience especially for our more vulnerable, at risk students.”

As Monica aims to lead by example, winning awards isn’t only about her achievements. It is an opportunity to highlight the important work the Student Life team does and the extent to which they can make a positive impact on the student experience. She said, “Every day is a chance to learn. Students are at the heart of everything that I do in creating a positive, supportive experience with a focus on the students’ needs and preferences.”