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From Head Chef to Commercial Cookery Trainer


Ryan Andre has been cooking for a profession since he was 16 years old. He studied with Box Hill Institute from 1997 to 2003 and has worked as a head chef for various restaurants around Victoria.

Last year, during COVID-19, Ryan decided he was ready for a new challenge and that he was ready to pass on his skills and years of experience to a new generation of budding chefs. He returned to his former place of study and enrolled in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Ryan said, "I took the opportunity that COVID-19 afforded me to do this course and move my career into a new direction."

Having not studied for many years, Ryan was nervous when he started the course. He didn’t know what to expect and he wondered if the study load would be too much. However, he was pleasantly surprised by how much he enjoyed the course, especially his classmates who all came from different working backgrounds.

Ryan said, "Because this TAE course has students with different vocational backgrounds, I learned lots of different skills unrelated to TAE and that was lots of fun.”

Ryan is grateful to his teacher, who had to deal with the challenges that delivering a course entirely online brings. He was pleased with the course structure and with his experiences throughout the course.

In January 2021, Ryan secured a new job working as a trainer and assessor for the commercial cookery course with GOTAFE in Rowville. He is over the moon and said doing the course definitely paid off. He said, "I'm thrilled I chose to go to Box Hill Institute."

Congratulations to Andre for challenging himself and launching his career in a new direction!