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Graphic Design Student Takes Out Top Competition


Making a last minute decision to enter, Box Hill Institute’s Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design student, Geralyn Anderson, has won the Doncaster Camera Club Branding Competition.

Geralyn said, “The logo I designed is deliberately simple. It is versatile, to be used as a traditional logo for branding, but adaptable as a watermark for photography. I used a bright colour palette and clean line style for clarity.

“The client delivered a very clear brief, which helped immensely in executing the design,” she said.

Geralyn first started studying with Box Hill Institute in 2018 when she enrolled in the Certificate IV in Design. She followed this with the Diploma of Graphic Design and will soon complete the Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design. She said, “Before the course, I was a ‘designer’. Like how anyone can say they’re a designer because they can design a poster or make something look nice? But since the course, I have gained insights and industry knowledge, which I trust, differentiates my work and approach, from others”.

During her time at Box Hill Institute, Geralyn has developed a great relationship with her teachers who she describes as extremely approachable, incredibly funny and most importantly, generous with the wealth of knowledge, advice and guidance that they pass to students. She said, “Apart from learning tricks of the trade in coursework, they extend their time outside to help me with extracurricular projects, like when I am stuck with a client. I love the community feel of BHI – that you are a person, not just a student number.”

As part of her studies, Geralyn has had the opportunity to complete major projects and to work freelance jobs with the fashion industry, advertising, property development, small business owners and Box Hill Institute.

She worked on the logo for the Move for Mind Family Fun Run (a joint venture between Box Hill Institute’s Sports department and the Belgravia Foundation), delivered the concept and cover design for recipe book Cook by Australian Training Products and most visibly, designed the mural at the Elgar campus Student Hub.

This year, Geralyn’s favourite project was branding, packaging and marketing for a coffee product using sustainable design concepts. She said, “It was a huge task that needed refining, but once I clarified what was being asked of me, it was really worthwhile.

“I do a lot of research and spend quite a bit of time on my concept and ideation, so for it all to come together at the end in a visually-captivating way is an achievement that I am proud of, making it a standout.”

According to Geralyn, Box Hill Institute has provided the founding blocks with which to build on in industry. It has definitely given her the confidence to give things a go, even if something is outside of her comfort zone. She said, “I have used my time at BHI, to grow my portfolio and expertise anywhere that I can, in establishing my own design business.

“So many people are worried about being ‘good enough’, but if you don’t start somewhere and keep practising and refining your craft, you will not go anywhere.”

Geralyn’s design business is Summa Grafika and she is available for freelance work. With such success under her belt this early in her career, we have no doubt Geralyn will go on to achieve much more.