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How to make the most of your time at TAFE


TAFE and high school are dramatically different. At TAFE, you don’t have to wear a uniform and no one will call your parents if you don’t turn up to class. This doesn’t mean that TAFE is an easy ride in the park. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of all the resources available to you.


Going to TAFE may be daunting at first as the campuses are generally bigger than your high school. Your TAFE may have multiple campuses so it’s a good idea to learn where everything is. Grab yourself a campus map from student administration to make yourself familiar with where things are.

Important places to know: toilets, library, cafeteria, student lounge, student car park, nearest train station and bus stop.

There’s nothing worse than needing to leave during class and not knowing where your nearest toilet is. Your library might come in handy when you’re looking for a quiet place to study. Knowing where to eat on campus is good start but also familiarise yourself with the local shops as you might want to stock up on study snacks or have a decent meal with your mates.

Most importantly, the student lounge is where you want to be. The student lounge is usually stocked up with a kitchen. If you’re trying to save money, BYO lunch and use the microwave, toaster and fridge. The student lounge at Box Hill Institute has comfy couches, a TV, music, table tennis and games.

Student Web

Learn how to use the student web as this is your go-to for everything. The student web provides information on your class timetables, class information, news and announcements, relevant video links and more. Some TAFEs like Box Hill Institute include a jobs board, which posts local job opportunities.

The student web is a great tool to support your learning experience. If you need help learning to navigate your student web, ask for help from student services, student administration and your teachers. Some TAFEs run introductory workshops on how to use student web.

Student Support Services

Every TAFE has a student services team who are there to support your learning so you can reach your educational and career goals. At Box Hill Institute, the student services team is Student Life who provides services that such as personal and educational counselling, career counselling, welfare, disability liaison, Indigenous Australian student services, international student services and more.

Student Life runs student activities including events, industry events, trips, recreational events and sporting opportunities for students. Student Life organises fun free activities on campus and always have the best student deals, free food, freebies, competitions and giveaways. Being a part of student life is great way to meet new people around the campus.

Get involved

TAFEs offer a wide range of opportunities where you can get involved. At Box Hill Institute, there are programs that you can join such as becoming a student ambassador, joining a study abroad program, student representative committees, the alumni network and more.

Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it. If you don’t understand a concept or need something to be repeated, ask for help. At TAFE, the class sizes are small to ensure you get one on one help from your teachers.

Your teachers and lecturers are there to make sure you are learning the skills you need for the future. If you’re lost on campus or need to find something in particular, you can even ask help from librarians or the student administration reception staff.