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International (Offshore) Student of the Year 2019 - Siyang He


Siyang He is a logistics and management student who was nominated by his teacher for the International (Offshore) Student of the Year award in recognition of his tireless work at Box Hill Institute. His teacher described Siyung as an outstanding student who isn’t afraid of hard work. 

Siyang said he felt honoured to win the Offshore Student of the Year award and he was very excited when his name was read out. He said it would encourage him to work harder in his future studies. 

Siyung chose to study logistics management with Box Hill Institute because lessons were in English. He has been fond of English from a young age and studying this course provided him with a qualification and helped him improve his English skills. He said his favourite thing about studying with Box Hill Institute was the “positive and active classroom atmosphere”. 

Siyung believes it is important to set a learning goal and to work hard for that learning goal. He encourages future students not to give up regardless of the difficulties they may encounter and he admires Box Hill Institute’s tagline – Join the Skilled – because it combines knowledge and skill.