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Engineering Success


In 2019, Kartik Kaushal enrolled in the Certificate II in Engineering Studies at Box Hill Institute as part of the Vocational Education and Training Delivered in Secondary Schools (VETDSS) program. This year, he’s studying a Bachelor of Engineering at RMIT University.

Kartik said, "Throughout Year 11 and 12, I was introduced to the course, Engineering Studies, at Box Hill Institute, and after a short thinking period, I pursued it as one of my VCE subjects.

"I was looking for an option and opportunity, which would provide me with a professional and practical experience of the engineering industry that future jobs require, and after reading the course details, I enrolled in the course," he said.

Unfortunately, Kartik's final year of engineering studies was affected by COVID-19 and safety restrictions meant his work placement experience in industry had to be placed on hold and later cancelled to minimise the students' risk of catching the virus.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Kartik is enthusiastic about his Box Hill Institute study experiences. He said, "My experience at Box Hill Institute was very adventurous and made remarkably easy due to the depth of knowledge provided by the teachers. Every class, we would learn something unique and fun, which made the class entertaining to attend."

Kartik's teachers, Stephen and Aaron, used to be full-time industrial engineers, who provided real examples of the industry’s work ethic and the techniques employed. They were able to clearly demonstrate practical skills to make it easier for students to learn how to use specific machines. Kartik said, "My favourite experience at Box Hill Institute is when we talked to the teachers and they tell us jokes after class."

Stephen and Aaron encouraged Kartik to look at RMIT courses, so he attended the RMIT Open Day and met with their teachers. Excited to get started, Kartik applied and was accepted into his course. He said, "In the Bachelor of Engineering program, I am very keen to learn how to code robotic components to make the robots perform cool actions and further strengthen my grasp of mechatronics."

For others considering engineering as a career, Kartik said, "I advise students thinking of enrolling but who are not yet sure, to enrol into the course as it gives you a different and in-depth perspective of how the engineering industry works and what it asks for from the engineers looking for work."

In the next five years, Kartik hopes to see himself as a mechatronics engineer completing his first-year placement in a company that works towards benefiting the environment and making our lives easier with different technological engineering ideas.