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Life for an International Student in Australia during COVID-19


Bushan Sowaruth is an international student from Mauritius studying a Diploma of Nursing at Box Hill Institute. He is the first from his family to study in Australia and has enjoyed every bit of it over the last two years. He said, "I chose Box Hill Institute as it met my financial requirements and had one of the best placement options regarding the nursing program as an international student."

Bushan now represents Box Hill Institute’s International department in his role as a student ambassador. He said it has been challenging during COVID-19 but that Box Hill Institute has supported its students, particularly its international students. "During the lockdown, many of us had to overcome the feeling of homesickness and it was particularly harder for those who couldn't see their loved ones who were suffering from this illness," he said.

Although the pandemic and travel restrictions have affected potential international students from travelling to Australia, it was an excellent opportunity for students who were here to enrol in courses and have more study time. Bushan said, "This is a great option to study at Box Hill Institute, even during the COVID-19. The teachers were helpful whether we had classes online or on-campus. They are always at our disposal for help."

Bushan believes the number of international students will increase substantially over the coming years at Box Hill Institute. He said, "The international student life support is great when providing help with current international students and new alumni."

There are always many activities, whether online or on-campus, to engage students in socialising and getting to know each other, and there is an international Student Hub on campus where students can go for any help from a group of dedicated staff members.

Bushan was grateful for Box Hill Institute’s support during lockdown last year. He said, "On behalf of all students, I thank Box Hill Institute for providing international students in need with food and support during the COVID-19 period to help them overcome that hard time." He said this gesture demonstrated how the institute and staff have dedicated themselves to their students, even through tough times.