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New Fashion Manager on Board!


Chris Clark joined Box Hill Institute in January 2021 as the new Fashion Manager in the Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising area. She has exceptional experience in the role as she spent the last 17 years managing Fashion Merchandising, Clothing Production and Footwear at RMIT University. Before that, she was with Melbourne Institute of Textiles.

Chris has worked on some impressive projects such as The Retail Initiative, a well-known fashion industry project, with iconic fashion brands as industry partners including Myer, Target, Country Road, Supre, Sports girl, Spotlight, and Calibre. Another project Chris led was the establishment of an international internship at a Kmart Office and Target Office in China, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. She said, "All students who finished the internship programs had most positive feedback about their experiences, academic as well as cultural."

As technology has increasingly played a role in Australians' daily lives, online retail strategies have become compulsory for a brand to remain in the market. Chris said only in the last 15 years have more people become aware of fashion merchandising. She said, most people think of fashion parades and design making when they see the world of fashion. "Digital strategies have created many positions and our Bachelor of Fashion Merchandising offers students the opportunity to learn about using digital marketing tools to promote products.

"The course offers a wide range of positions and careers, including trend forecaster, fashion buyers, fashion allocators, and digital marketers," said Chris. All these positions relate to businesses with a focus on fashion or fashion brands.

Chris has found her new team at Box Hill Institute to be supportive and patient, allowing her to learn the new systems and culture. She said the students are very friendly and keen to learn.

Like other trainers, Chris was challenged when it came to working during a pandemic, however, she said, "COVID has taught me to be flexible and be ready for change. It is also important to listen to others and accommodate to reach a positive outcome.”

Chris looks forward to using her experience and industry connections to contribute to student outcomes at Box Hill Institute.

Welcome aboard, Chris!