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Phased Return to Campus Update #11


In May 2020, Box Hill Institute commenced a phased return to campus for students who require practical training or assessment that can only be completed on campus. Your health and safety on campus is a priority.

Eligibility to Return to Campus

Only students who are invited to campus should attend and only those who are well and present no known risks. Before returning to campus, you need to complete a Student Declaration and Online Infection Control Training.

Daily Screening

The Concierge Team is on campus to welcome you and to conduct daily screenings as part of your entry into campus. This includes temperature checks and health screenings. The Concierge Team is comprised of Box Hill Institute staff members who have received training to ensure that your health and safety on campus is a top priority.

Infection Control

Social distancing must be adhered to at all times on campus, in and outside the classroom. If you are found to be in breach of the social distancing requirements, you may be asked to leave campus and return at an advised date.  Once class has finished students are required to leave campus.


Face Masks

As of 11.59pm on Wednesday 22 July, people living in metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire are required to wear a face covering when leaving home due to the recent increase in coronavirus cases. People who are found in public without a mask or face covering could be subject to potential fine of $200.

Students will need to wear a mask or face covering on campus and in the classroom. You will be not be permitted to attend class if you refuse to wear one. Your teacher is also required to wear a mask or face covering while on campus, however when a teacher is teaching in the classroom, they can choose not to wear a mask or face covering. Outside of the classroom, teachers and other staff are required to wear a mask or face covering at all times. 

As masks and face covering are for hygiene purposes, please consider the hygiene of your own mask or face covering while on campus. If you are using a single use mask or face covering, you may need to bring a spare mask in case you need a fresh one during the day. If you are using a reusable mask or face covering, please ensure that they are kept clean as per good hygiene practices.

When wearing a single use mask, please dispose of this mask in your residence. When wearing a face covering, please ensure the face covering is taken home and cleaned before next use. If you need to dispose of a single use mask on campus, you must use a closed bin and make sure you do not place the mask on any surface before disposing it.


Victoria now has a dedicated coronavirus website that features all the latest news, advice and restrictions: https://www.vic.gov.au/coronavirus. It also has information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, mental health information and available financial support.

The State Government has also developed the Victoria Together website, which shares some of the best music, entertainment, nature and art that Victoria has to offer: https://www.together.vic.gov.au/all-categories. It has links to all sorts of music, sport, wellbeing activities, food, film, games, art and much more.

Student Life

If you require support during this time, please contact Student Life on (03) 9286 9891 or email studentlife@boxhill.edu.au

For International Students, please contact the International Student Wellbeing Officer, Nikki Singh on (03) 9286 9445 or via email at nikita.singh@boxhill.edu.au. If you have questions about your academic progress and would like assistance with your assessments, please contact the International Academic Advisor, Faz Maghami on (03) 9286 9734 or via email at f.maghami@boxhill.edu.au