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Screen & Media Creative: Steph Elkington


Meet Steph Elkington. She's a creative makeup artist, hair stylist and prosthetic technician who teaches our Diploma of Screen and Media course. Steph has a passion for using makeup to tell stories and is known as an imaginative powerhouse who brings a detailed understanding of arts and culture to her work. 

She said, "The best thing about the Diploma of Screen and Media is that it's a deep dive into specialised makeup. I get the chance to truly nerd-out with my students about a vast range of skills and topics.

"I absolutely adore creating comprehensive lessons on topics such as historical makeup and anatomy for SFX. It's a challenging and very exciting course for teacher and student alike," she said.

Whether in the wings of a theatre or in the elements on set, Steph gives her creative team endless energy and she adores the shapeshifting nature of the creative industry.

Steph's career journey began with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Film and Theatre studies, which furthered her knowledge and passion for the industry.

She embarked in a Diploma of Cinemagraphic Makeup to complete her specialisation and since then has worked in theatre, film and television as a hair, makeup and prosthetic artist.

Steph has worked with clients and productions including ABC3/ABCME, Fremantle Media, Tough Mudder Australia, Dark Mofo, NAB, Jon Stevens and Arj Barker.

She has also worked on films that have been featured in the Melbourne Women in Film festival and the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Steph said, "I want my students to take away a feeling of empowerment in themselves as individual artists when they leave the classroom. Technical skills can be developed over a lifetime but an excellent attitude and confidence need to be present from the beginning."

Steph is a proud member of the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance union which help the Australian industry to be fortified and fair for all.