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Striving for Confidence and Leadership


After graduating from high school, Sarah Al Enezi enrolled to study the Diploma of Banking Services Management at Box Hill College Kuwait (BHCK). Two years later and she has been awarded the International Offshore Student of the Year 2019.

Sarah said, “I never have felt so proud, happy, overwhelmed, and delighted and finally I have experienced it. It does give me validation and boost my confidence. It's an emotion I never felt before.”

She feels a great sense of achievement, confidence, and acknowledgment in winning the award. She said, “It’s not about luck, it’s about your hard work. Keep in mind, time is limited so be disciplined and think about your strengths and qualities. Nothing can stop you, so plan and be ready for your journey.” 

A lot of Sarah’s leadership and self-management skills have been learned as part of her course and have boosted her confidence. She said, “While leadership is also about inspiring other students to do things they never thought they could, this helped me to be more disciplined and confident through all the work that I have put in for the past two years.

“BHCK offers many academic passions and exploration of new interests through assignments, which brings great experiences and gets students thinking about issues such as diversity, ethics, politics, and other dynamics that play a role in every work environment, which leads to problem solving, decision making and great communication skills,” she said.

BHCK prepares their students for the workforce by on building their knowledge and skills in theory and practise. This has given Sarah skills and knowledge in accounting, finance, economics, statistics, human resources functions, budgeting, hiring, and more.