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The TAFE Advantage – what you get that you won’t get at university


There are many reasons why people engage in tertiary learning, for example, to improve career prospects, gain greater earning potential, increase skill levels, network, broaden interests, and increase confidence. Here are five reasons why studying with a TAFE will help you achieve your goals.

TAFE gets you a job ASAP

From certificates to diplomas, advanced diplomas and degrees, TAFE courses combine theory with practical components to equip you with the experience you need to land a job quickly. Did you know that 85% of TAFE students are employed within six months of completing their study, and many earn a higher salary after graduating than university graduates?

Whether it is an apprenticeship, internship, industry placements or work experience, TAFE courses are focused on developing the practical skills that industry needs. You can even work while you study, allowing you to get a head start in the job market. Completing a university degree can take up to three to four years, whereas studying at TAFE can take from six months to two years to complete.

Hands on learning

Studying at TAFE provides a mix of learning techniques, combining theoretical and practical training inside the classroom or out in the relevant field. Hands on learning allows students to put the theory into practice, usually with guidance and work placements with industry experts. Applying technical skills and knowledge before entering the workforce, guarantees a better chance of getting the job you want once you’ve finished studying.

Industry connections

TAFEs usually have extensive industry networks to advise on skill shortages, important skills, industry developments, and future demands. In general, teachers come from industry and have industry connections to provide you with work placements and networking opportunities, which are a gateway to finding future employment opportunities. Meanwhile, apprenticeships and traineeships provide you with the opportunity to work and earn an income while you study.

Affordable education

The cost of further education can be scary but what’s most important is the value of your return on investment. TAFE courses may be government subsided for eligible students and courses, affordable and provide more flexible solutions to studying. Box Hill Institute provides financial support for students from payment plans, VET student loans for eligible Diploma level courses, and a wide range of scholarships, subject to eligibility.

Entry to TAFE

You can start studying at TAFE while still in high school so that by the time you finish VCE, you already have credits towards your qualification, which you can then achieve over a shorter period.

And for those studying Year 12, it’s important to remember that there are pathways available that can lead you to your career goals. Completing a course at TAFE can give you credit for recognised prior learning if you choose to pathway into a university course after you graduate.