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Tony Paolilli-Treonze's new career


After more than 30 years as a chef, Tony Paolilli-Treonze took a new turn when he enrolled into the Certificate III in Health Services Assistance (Specialising in Operating Theatre Technician) after spending some time in hospital. He said, "I spent a considerable amount of time in theatre which inspired me and lead me to this new path."

Tony said one of his best memories of studying at Box Hill Institute are the facilities he used to help complete his course, such as the library and digital learning equipment. He is also grateful for his teachers and the support he received from them. He said, "The teachers were fantastic and very knowledgeable. They were always there to assist us if we had any questions or problems."

As part of his course, Tony completed a work placement with Box Hill Institute partner, Epworth Private Hospital. He said, "Once my placement was over, Epworth advertised for a job opportunity (TIP) program, which was a four month traineeship. I applied for a job there and went in for an interview and I was successful."

Tony loves his new career at Epworth Private Hospital. Within his first few months of employment, he was awarded the Good on Ya award. He said, "I was very honoured and I felt appreciated for the work that I do. It really helps when you enjoy your job and work with a great team in the theatre that help each other."