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Totally Wild Visits Animal Studies


This year, the traditional rule book has been thrown out the window, something our Certificate III in Animal Studies students recently experienced.

Thanks to our partnership with Wild Action, on Thursday 3 December, their animal handlers visited campus and delivered a specialised TAFE/Certificate III Animal Studies version of their secondary school incursion program. Chris from Wild Action designed the experience to suit Box Hill Institute and the mammals unit specifically.

Students got up close and personal with a short beaked echidna, grey headed flying fox, Western grey kangaroo joey, long nosed potoroo, brush tailed bettong, mountain pygmy possum (critically endangered species), ring tail possum, southern koala, sugar glider and a dingo.

Coordinator for Animal Studies (Veterinary Nursing) and RSPCA, Marcie Connor said,“Chris was a phenomenal presenter. The animals he brought along to the incursion have a population of less than 200 in the world.

“He delivered so much information about each animal, from gestation periods to obstacles they encounter in the wild. It was a huge learning experience for our students and will be useful for any kind of future placement to vet clinics, which is a pre-requisite for moving forward to Certificate IV.”

Due to the hands on nature of the incursion, the Animal Studies class was split in half to accommodate for physical distancing. Students looked delighted as they got an up close encounter with each animal, including the koala walking through the classroom! The session also meant students were able to complete the course by the end of the year.

Marcie, who organised these sessions for the students, said, “The sessions were so fantastic! Moving forward, we will embed them into the curriculum for 2021.”