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Turning a Hobby into a Career


Before enrolling with Box Hill Institute, Benjamin had dropped out of school because his family was constantly moving. He started to teach himself about automotive and while working on his car with a mate, he thought a career in automotive could be quite enjoyable.

Benjamin followed his passion and love for cars by enrolling in a Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology through the Free TAFE for Priority Courses program at Box Hill Institute. He said, "My inspiration was mostly just my passion for cars, the way they work, and what you can do to them and with them."

Being a Free TAFE course meant that Benjamin did not have to pay hefty fees or take out a student loan, and it has allowed him to focus on studying. He said, "I did enrol into this course through Free TAFE, which was quite simple and didn't take too long to sort out."

Benjamin is enjoying his classes and the experienced teachers who are always around to help and aren't too serious. He enjoys joking with them as it makes the classroom environment very welcoming. He said, “"Being able to connect with the teachers and other students is great. It's a great environment altogether."

The first time Benjamin visited the Box Hill campus and saw the automotive workshop facilities, he was impressed by how well organised they were and how much equipment there was considering how expensive some automotive tools and equipment can be. So far, his favourite experience has been removing and refitting tyres from a rim.

Benjamin has not had a work placement yet but will undertake one soon. He has to have an interview for his work placement and said, “It was nerve-wracking while getting there, but once I was inside, it was friendly and I ended up getting taken in for the job.”

Benjamin has big dreams for his future and plans to turn hid hobby into a career, whether it's working in a workshop of his own or someone else's or working within a motorsports team. He said, "I'm confident with the skills I've learnt and I could do well in the industry.

"I think studying a Cert III and being in the automotive industry working with and around the car manufactures is a bit more of where I'd be in the next five years, which would be very nice," he said.

For those considering the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology, Benjamin's advice is not to be afraid to ask questions and that there are no stupid questions. Asking is the best way to be 100% certain and it is always useful to have another set of eyes and opinions on a job.

We wish Benjamin all the best with his future career and hope he achieves his ambitions.