About the course

About the course

This welding course is perfect if you are you interested in learning basic welding techniques for your DIY home projects, need an introduction to further studies or want to gain welding techniques for new employment opportunities.  

Held at our new Advanced Welding Training Centre, this course has been designed for beginners with little or no previous welding experience. It covers the fundamentals of welding, including using gas metal arc welding (mig welding).

Course Details


Fees & Schedule

Materials Required for class

You will need to wear protective clothing and footwear (full cover cotton overalls, safety boots, and safety glasses).

The following required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be supplied:

  • welding gloves
  • welding face shield
  • welding jacket

Target Audience

  • home welders
  • automotive workers
  • plumbers
  • engineering students 
  • or anyone interested in learning the basics in welding

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