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A Blooming Future in Floristry


Hannah Downie has always had a passion for the outdoors and nature, but she knew a potential career should also include her creative side. Thankfully Box Hill Institute (BHI) hosted a stand at her high school, where she learned about a Certificate III in Floristry. She said, "After speaking to my now teacher Elisa Caughey, I was hooked on learning with BHI.”

After completing Year 12, Hannah studied the Certificate III in 2020 and has already found a job. She said, "My teacher Elisa Caughey knows an abundance about the floral industry and what it takes to become successful."

Hannah said Elisa tells her students to put their own spin on arrangements and works they create, which motivates them to create something they are satisfied with presenting. She said, "Elisa spends an enormous amount of time looking after us and doing check-ins with each student. My whole class adores her and her work ethic. I have been fortunate to have a great teacher."

According to Hannah, Box Hill Institute’s floristry classroom is excellent because it is set up like an actual shopfront, meaning the students can create shop displays and even serve customers. She said, "There is plenty of space to create floral designs even if you are a messy worker like me. BHI also offers a great canteen, library, and parking."

The floristry course has taught Hannah and her classmates many different techniques and approaches for the industry. They have learned lots of arrangement styles and they have had an opportunity to learn about floristry's business side, including costings and running a small business. Hannah said, "Not only are you learning about flowers, but you're also grasping the concepts of what goes on behind the scenes."

Elisa encourages her students to share their floral creations on social media and it was this that led to Hannah being offered a job at a floristry called Flowers of Canterbury for two days a week. Hannah said, "I'm enjoying this job a lot. I have already gained so much knowledge and experience from them.

"Most of the students in my class have acquired work simply by showing shops that they are studying at BHI," she said.

Now Hannah is focusing on gaining as much experience as she can in all the different aspects of floristry because she firmly believes that experience is the key to success. One day, she hopes to open her own floristry business called Thistles and Bloom. You can find Hannah's work and follow her on Instagram at @thistlesandbloom.

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