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Diploma of Nursing Career Outcomes


What are your career opportunities after completing a Diploma of Nursing? We explain the vital next steps to take once you have successfully completed your course. This includes registrations, the number of jobs you can apply for, pathways, an enrolled nurse's workload, and the Box Hill Institute accreditation process.

Employment Opportunities and Registration

An enrolled nursing qualification will allow you to obtain employment in various health industry sectors such as acute care, chronic care, aged care, rehabilitation, community care and mental health. First, you must register with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA), which you can do once you have completed your final acute work placement. This can be a lengthy process and does come with a cost but it allows you to apply for work as an enrolled nurse. To apply for registration this can be done through.

Enrolled Nurse Duties and Expectations

Enrolled nurses can work in specialised areas like an operating theatre or emergency department. Their workload is hands on and they work under the supervision of an registered nurse, performing patient observation, physical examination and measurements, reporting any changes in condition, assisting with personal hygiene tasks and activities, planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care plans, and administering certain medications.
The workload can be heavy depending on where you work. Box Hill Institute’s Nursing Coordinator, Denise Baker said, "It will also depend on the staffing levels and staffing experience as this can dictate workload also."

Further studies and Credits

After successfully completing a Diploma of Nursing, graduates have the option of applying to universities and being granted up to 12 months credit towards most 3 year Bachelor of Nursing qualifications. Graduates can also opt to gain employment as an enrolled nurse in aged care or acute hospitals or they can apply for a graduate year program working in a hospital associated with Box Hill Institute.

Future of Nursing Australia

Former nurse, Denise Baker said, "Nursing in Australia is bright as it is one occupation that cannot be taken over by machines or robots. Nurses will always be in demand and there are multiple jobs available."