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From Student to Trainer


Callan Green studied the Advanced Diploma in Building Design Architectural at Box Hill Institute, graduating in 2014. He went on to further study in architecture and construction management at Deakin University, completing his Masters of Architecture this year.

Over the years, Callan has travelled the world and worked as a student architect in India, Korea and Canada. He has recently returned to where his architectural journey began, Box Hill Institute. He said, "I kept in touch with my Box Hill Institute teachers through professional events and networking, and when a casual teaching opportunity arose, I was happy to put my hand up and join the dynamic team," he said.

"Teaching, for me, is a grounding experience. I see my personal professional growth and the potential of the current students. Being immersed in real world learning experiences is what makes Box Hill Institute the best place to learn," he said.

The future of Australian architectural design is in technological advancements in design methods, construction and fabrication, and in the return on value when using environmental sustainability, social equality and community equity.

Callan said Box Hill Institute teaching methods have adapted to industry trends. He said, "We are leading the charge towards future technological capabilities. There are new courses in specialist building design fields, new software and design tools and new approaches to engaging with the profession.

"Programs relating to cross laminated timber are well advanced and virtual reality programs are to be introduced in 2020, further enhancing the student experience," he said.

Box Hill Institute delivers its building design program during the day or evening, either full time or part time. Career opportunities for graduates include working as architectural technicians, draftspersons for architects, building contractors, building designers or building management professionals.