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Grandad Ups His Refrigeration Game


For the last 35 years, Brian Longmore has worked in the beverage industry. He started by selling equipment and moved on to working with breweries and providing installations of beverage equipment such as beer and spirit dispensing systems.

Brian turns 74 in June and is just nine weeks away from finishing his Capstone Assessment (Certification), which marks the completion of a three year apprenticeship in Certificate III Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

Brian spent the first part of his career working as an air traffic controller in New Zealand. After being injured in a car incident, Brian lost his medical clearance and needed to find a new career option, so he started his own business selling projectile cleaning equipment.

Today, Brian works full time for Premier Beverage Services in Highett, which designs, manufactures, installs, and services beer system equipment used in today's modern bars. Growing frustrated by a reliance on tradesman to troubleshoot refrigeration issues in the systems, Brian decided it was time for him to get a qualification.

Brian said, "It's all part of the beverage game and being able to provide a holistic customer experience."

When asked about his course at Box Hill Institute, Brian said, "It's been fantastic, the teachers are incredible! They really help and make it easy for you.

"The other students call me grandad!" he said. It's not inaccurate. Brian is the father of four and grandfather to six.

He's thankful for the support he's received from his boss, Wayne Viner, and said, "Without his help, things would have been much harder."

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Coordinator Len Raines is proud to have Brian as a student. "Brian adds tremendous value to the class with the experience and knowledge that he has in the industry," he said.

Brian is set to complete his Capstone Assessment in April and we wish him all the best.