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Leading the way in CLT Building Design

07 July 2017

Box Hill Institute educators lead the way in building design through collaborative learning with sustainable building materials using Cross Laminated Timber.

Box Hill Institute prides itself on collaborative learning by engaging with industry experts, guest lecturers and tutorials throughout the learning process.

The opportunity for students to learn from past Box Hill Institute graduates such as Rick Castricum, working with XLam manufacturing plant and engineering expert Rob de Brincat, allows students to explore the emerging construction technology of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

CLT technology reduces building construction time which offers cost saving opportunities. Several timber buildings have been constructed across the globe using the increasingly popular CLT materials, including Australia.

At Box Hill Institute, the next generation of building design professionals is ready to achieve sustainability and deliver the future of CLT in Australia. Our students gain expertise in using traditional 2D and 3D digital tools and most importantly, learn to use the technology Building Information Modelling (BIM) involving the virtual design and construction of buildings.

Coordinator for Building Design and Sustainability, Susan Morris, explains more about collaborative learning using Cross Laminated Timber in building design at Box Hill Institute.