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Creative Design Hub

Box Hill Institute’s Creative Design Hub, located at our Nelson Campus, provides first-class leadership by showcasing best practices, support, and training in the vibrant world of design. The space offers photography and graphic design students the ability to collaborate with aspiring fashion designers, and includes sewing rooms, patternmaking tables, CAD rooms and a photographic studio. 

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Transition & Pathway Courses

Transition & Pathway Opportunity

Pre-Accredited to Certificate Pathway

Looking to build or prepare a portfolio for entrance into Certificate III Visual Arts? Our Prepare for Visual Arts courses – Drawing and Painting – will assist you in developing your skills and knowledge with award winning artist Mia Schoen.

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How we’re responding to Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

As we closely monitor the situation around coronavirus (COVID-19), you can view our FAQs to learn more about how Box Hill Institute is responding to any updates from relevant authorities. 
You can view our FAQs below for all general information, health advice questions and class information for students.

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What is the Diploma in Graphic Design?

The Diploma of Graphic Design is a course that develops the skills and knowledge required to become a successful graphic designer with the flexibility to move into a range of career areas such as fashion design, marketing, game design, online publishing and social media marketing. The major studies include 2D & 3D design, typography, page layout, illustration, image editing, copyright and user interface design. Both the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design courses run for 1 year full time.

What is the best graphic design course?

Box Hill Institute's Diploma of Graphic Design prides itself in achieving successful outcomes for students as a result of our caring teaching environment.  Students have benefitted from the strong focus we place on current industry technical skills and preparation for employment in the industry. Our teachers work in the industry as graphic designers and are best placed to assist final year graphic design students with work place opportunities, often mentoring students in how to best achieve their goals.  

What qualifications do I need to work in visual arts?

The Diploma of Visual Arts equips the aspiring artist with high level skills in the creative areas of painting, drawing and printmaking, as well as introducing them to the principles of small business, social media and exhibition installation. If a student is new to art or rediscovering their creative side, and are not at the level required for the Diploma studies, we provide qualifications in Certificate III and IV of Visual Arts, from which they can pathway into the Diploma and then, be ready for a career as a visual artist!

What is a Certificate IV in Design?

A Certificate IV in Design is a practical course where you will learn theory, practical skills and practices in graphic art, graphic design, industrial design, product design and related design studies. Areas of study includes graphic design techniques, colour application, typography, digital production, drawing, visual effects techniques and 3Dforms. The course pathways into Diploma of Graphic Design and can form part of a dual qualification with Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging. 

What qualifications do I need to be an interior decorator?

Start with our Certificate IV in Interior Decoration, where you'll be equipped with the technical and practical skills to transform your creativity into a winning solution for your client's aesthetic and functional lifestyle. Pathway into our Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration where you begin your journey towards becoming an interior designer covering both residential and commercial interior design. Here you will gain advanced technical and practical skills on the finishing and furnishing of interior spaces to meet client needs in order to generate design solutions.  Course leads to roles such as interior designer, interior stylist, colour consultant or real estate staging consultant. Employment can be found in retail, consulting or building business.

What is the Certificate II in Printing & Graphic Arts?

The Certificate II in Printing & Graphic Arts is an entry level course for those keen to enter the printing and design industry with a focus on digital print. During the course you will undertake simulated industry projects and gain skills in design, layout materials, proofread and engage with commercial printers. Key outcome of course is the development of a portfolio of your works to show employers.

What qualifications do I need to be a photographer?

A Certificate IV in Photography is the entry level course that starts your journey into the world of photography. You'll develop a wide range of technical skills including image capture, lighting, enhancement, processing, manipulation and output. It is the Diploma of Photography that provides more advanced skills that leads to becoming a professional photographer. You will undertake a range of projects including retail, commercial, portrait, media, wedding, illustrative, institutional and art photography.  The projects help create your folio in preparation for job interviews and entering the work force.  The course pathways into Diploma of Graphic Design and can form part of a dual qualification with the Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging. 

How long is the Diploma of Visual merchandising?

The Diploma of Visual Merchandising is 12 months full time and 24 months part time.

What career outcomes are available after studying the Certificate IV in Design?

A Certificate IV in Design is mainly designed as a pathway to further education. After successful completion of the Certificate IV in Design, you will be prepared for a career in some limited junior design roles. The course also prepares you for learning at higher levels across a broad range of design disciplines. This course pathways into the Diploma of Graphic Design and provides a much broader range of career opportunities in the graphic design area including fashion design, marketing, game design, online publishing and social media marketing

What qualifications do I need to be a designer?

Design is a very broad field and covers many professions. It really does depend where your interest lies but you could start with a Certificate IV in Design which gives you a good all round qualification. You could then undertake our Diploma of Graphic Design, Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design, Diploma of Visual Merchandising, Diploma of Interior Design or Bachelor of Fashion Design.

How long is a graphic design course?

Both the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design courses run for 1 year full time.

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